Advertising Sri Lanka- Best advertising agency and No#01 web development

Advertising Sri Lanka- Best advertising agency and No#01 web development
29 Oct
Rose Rathnayake

Advertising Sri Lanka- Best advertising agency and No#01 web development

Follow the North Star until you get your business on the right path.

What is advertising Sri Lanka?

Advertising is a marketing communication that communicates through various kinds of media. Newspapers, television, magazines, radio, outdoor advertising, and direct mail are examples of traditional media. There is also new media such as search results, social media, blogs, websites, text messages, etc.


What are the benefits of Advertising Sri Lanka?

Advertising is the best way to increase the utilization of products or services. Advertising Sri Lanka assists you to reach the target audience easily. Advertising helps the audience to get the right idea about the product or service because; an advertisement contains the name of the product or image with certain qualities, the role of the product, and the important details about the product or service. It may also help to know the viability and the success of the company to its shareholders or employees.

Advertising helps you to deliver the proper message to the customers. It informs the consumers about the product and convinces them that the product of the company is the best. It also enhances the image of the company.

Advertising Sri Lanka points out and creates the need for the product even if the audience does not have the need of it. Advertising Sri Lanka helps you to attract customers and draw them to the business. And it assists you to hold the existing customers.

What are the 6 qualities that should contain in a good advertisement in advertising Sri Lanka?

  1. Awareness
  2. Knowledge
  3. Liking
  4. Preference
  5. Conviction
  6. Purchase


Is it possible for a company to sell without advertising?

Well, the answer is No; can you imagine how you will able to find a new product in today’s world among billions of products, without even knowing the name of it? It is pretty difficult, right? This is why there is a concept call advertising.

Advertising connect with their audience in three ways,

  • With a truth

A business should have the capability to gain an accurate and deep understanding of their product by advertising.

  • With an emotion

An advertisement should be possible to evocate the genuine feeling intentionally. That is what advertising sri lanka does need to do first of all.

  • With a story

A business needs to narrate the story without messing their audience. No need to be linear or no need to say too much. Because it, ill mess your audience up.


The evolution of advertising sri lanka

The advertising industry has come to an impressive long journey from the ancient Egypt steel carving advertising to online advertising and websites. The first print advertisement was published in 1472 by William Caxton and the first advertisement which was published in a newspaper was published in 1704 in the United States of America.

Fast forward to 1835, circus posters displayed over 50 sq. ft. by Billboards in the U.S. Sears was the first company that focused more on personalized advertising. Then the “Golden Age of Advertising” had begun with advertising personalization. Advertising reached its important milestone by hitting the radio in 1922. H.M. Blackwell was the first host of the advertisement for the 10 minutes of talk. The cost for 10-minutes was 50 USD.

The next major milestone in the evolution came in 1941 by popping up an advertisement on television. It created a strong connection between viewers and brands after its establishment on television.

This all turned upside down with the introduction of the online advertisement in 1992. Companies started to shift their attention more to online advertising after when everyone suddenly started to use the internet.

In 2007 mobile advertisements came to smartphones when the original iPhone was released. So this is how evolution has happened until today.


Where you can find the best advertising company that can get under the skin to give exactly what you need?

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