Towards the light of E-commerce through the darkness of COVID-19

Towards the light of E-commerce through the darkness of COVID-19
29 Oct
Rose Rathnayake

Towards the light of E-commerce through the darkness of COVID-19

Why you should turn your traditional business into an E-commerce stream due to COVID-19?

A dangerous disease called Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has begun to spread as no one expected at the beginning of 2020. It causes to do severe damage to human beings and the economic system of the world. Most people fall sick with COVID-19 because it is a newly discovered virus and in the beginning, no one knew that how to be safe from COVID-19.

You can be infected by breathing if you are surrounded by a person who is positive for COVID-19. But it mainly transmitted through infected people when they cough, sneeze, or exhales. Because the droplets that generate from the infected person is too heavy to hang in the air and fall quickly on surfaces which infected person surrounded. If a non-infected person touches those surfaces and touches his nose, eyes, or mouth, there is a high possibility to be infected. Without knowing these things most people fall in sick with COVID-19.

So the governments decided to lockdown countries to decrease the rapid spread of COVID-19. People had to stay home and stay safe as the order of the government. Not only workplaces, schools, universities, and public places COVID-19 caused to close the religious places and even police stations. According to that people couldn't go to work and children couldn't the school.

This wasn't a huge problem at the beginning, but it became a major problem because the lockdown ceases the system of the world.

How the COVID-19 cease the world?

Our life has totally changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no more freedom and joy in our lives, deaths and sufferings are everywhere instead of that. Some people talk about the changes of the environment since COVID-19. They are mentioning how the environment is clean with blue skies, fresh air, brighter moon, and clearer rivers. But do we need this kind of beautiful planet without any human being? The answer is yours.

Employees can't attend to work because of this situation and the companies shut down until the situation gets better. But, when? Who can promise us a date that COVID-19 takedown? No one can tell us about a date to wait until. Thus, all we have to do is adapt to the situation and move on.

How can we adapt to the COVID-19 situation by E-commerce?

  • How can you adapt to the COVID-19 as a student?

COVID-19 pandemic attacked the education of millions of worldwide students. Now your best solution is to learn from home, then you can study no matter what happens outside. Also, you don't have to waste your time until school starts. Learn from how via the internet is a good way to study that saves your time to study more.

  • How you can adapt to the COVID-19 as an employee through E-commerce?

You can't survive without a career in today's world. As an employee you have to adapt to the situation you can serve your service to your company from home, otherwise, you have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. It's clear that it is cannot be quite possible to return to normal.

  • How can you adjust for COVID-19 as a businessman with E-commerce?

As you already know, no one can maintain their normal life for any longer. But the needs of our lives are still there. You have to find a way to maintain your businesses in the current situation. The best way to make your business steady and solid so far is e-commerce.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a concept that can be performed by computers, tablets, or smartphones through the internet. It lets companies and individuals buy and sell stuff. E-commerce has four major segments to help to operate the concept;

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business

What are the benefits of E-commerce?

  • Building an E-commerce website is more easy and fast. Unlike the traditional way, E-commerce helps you to lead your business to a successful path rapidly.
  • E-commerce will be a major help to a person who was planning to start a business and couldn't start because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps that person to start a business with a low cost in the E-commerce platform.
  • You can run your business from home. Then you don't have to abound your business again because of any kind of pandemic, not even in a zombie apocalypse. Just kidding. It will also help you to cut off unnecessary expenses of your business
  • You can tap into a larger customer base by expanding your business beyond the geographic area through E-commerce. Because E-commerce expands your business all over the world.
  • You can hire the best person for your company no matter where they live by E-commerce. Because the strong staff is the backbone of a business.
  • You can sell and buy 24/7 through E-commerce. You don't have set hours to buy or sell your product. Also, you can buy or sell products from home instead of going outside in a dangerous situation like COVID-19.
  • You can start your business small and step up. You can start your E-commerce business with one person and a website. This will be a huge opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

We all experienced a hard time over the last year and we are still going through a hard period. None of us know about a day that we can go back to our normal lives. COVID-19 will ruin your business at least till 2023. We can't wait until then, because life goes with or without. So we can't let our business down that easily.

We can move our business to the E-commerce platform and experience the world of tomorrow. E-commerce is our saving grace due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, are you ready to make a big difference in your business life with E-commerce?

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