Give your business the best identity by logo design with the No. 01 Logo designer Sri Lanka.

Give your business the best identity by logo design with the No. 01 Logo designer Sri Lanka.
28 Oct
Rose Rathnayake

Give your business the best identity by logo design with the No. 01 Logo designer Sri Lanka.

What is a Logo design?

A Logo is a graphic mark that can be a name, word, symbol, design, pattern, or combination of these, that a company or a group of companies use to distinguish their goods and services from competing goods and services. Using a Logo is a very important production strategy in the market of the 21st century.

A company certifies to offer their special and unique qualities, benefits, and services to the clients by their Logo. Not only that but also Logo design is one of the fundamental elements of business identity that helps establish and maintain a unique existence in the mind of consumers and other target audience. The success of your business is in the place where a customer can explain your logo even after the first sight to another customer.


Ideas and messages that a Logo design gives to the consumers.

  • Qualities of the product
  • Benefits
  • Value
  • Culture
  • Users
  • Personality

A logo is the first thing that consumers learn about your business. According to that, you should design a unique and special logo for your business. You can earn customer loyalty or lost their loyalty by the logo design. A good logo can highlight even among thousands of logos.

What are the attributes that must exist for a good logo?

  1. It should be short and simple.
  2. It should be easy to pronounce, identify and memorize.
  3. It should give an idea about the main qualities and uses of the product.
  4. It must be different from other competing logos.
  5. It should represent any kind of culture.
  6. It should be distinctive.
  7. It should be authentic.
  8. Last but not least, the logo should be defensive.

If a logo has the attributes mentioned above, it will definitely elevate the business to the path of success.

There are countless businesses in the world. Each of them has a different name and a different logo. Thus yours has to be unique and attractive among all of them to be noticeable.

What are the benefits of the logo design?

There are many benefits of a logo. Not only to the business but also the customer.

Benefits to the business by the logo design

  • Being able to distinguish the logo of your business from other competing logos and protect the identity of your company.
  • Easy to take orders.
  • Being able to get legal protection.
  • Being able to get and maintain loyalty in customers.
  • Create value for the business.
  • Enhance the overall image of the business through the logo.
  • Being able to market different consumer goods and services using the same logo.

Benefits to the customer by the logo design

  • Being able to select products easily.
  • Being able to be protected by counterfeit products.
  • Being able to get the product by naming it and buy them without any confusion.
  • Being able to buy popular and good quality products.
  • Being able to complain easily.

As a person has a name, your business should have a logo to be recognized by the world. You can elevate your business to success by using a logo. Consumers in the target audience are being able to memorize your business by your logo easily. In that way, you can get more close to your target market.

Who can design the best logo for you?

A key to a successful business is its logo. Because the logo is the first thing that consumer learns about your business. If you don’t have a good logo or if you don’t have a logo at all it will be a huge disadvantage for the business. That is why a logo can be the key to success.

If you want a logo unique and that can catch the eye of consumers. The best place you can get your logo done is Pixel Advertising Solutions. A logo which is designed by Pixel can enhance the popularity of your business and highlighted it in your target market.

Pixel is the best logo designer you can ever find. Here is why?

  • Pixel has the talent of communicating the identities of brands through the logo.
  • Pixel understands the identity of your brand and comes up with an ideal logo which is suits your business well.
  • Pixel has the confidence and creativity to design a unique logo for you.
  • Pixel has an eye for art to design attractive and aesthetic logo designs that can reach your target market.
  • Pixel balances the artistry and the vision of your business to give you the masterpiece.
  • Pixel holds a great place in this digitalized world to deliver you the best logo by using technology such as

Adobe Acrobat, Creative Suite, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and AI Logo Maker


Photo editing

Quark and QuarkXpress

  • Pixel responsible to deliver the product on time with their skill of time managing attribute.
  • Pixel does not end with creativity, but pixel continues to design your logo with their strategic thinking and marketing skills

Don’t you want your business to be popular worldwide by designing a very attractive and unique logo by Pixel? Who doesn’t want it? So if you want to memorize your business in customers’ minds and be successful in that way, you should get your logo done by Pixel Advertising Solutions.

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